our partners

EPE. Trusted To Protect

EPE is a global leader in the delivery of C-IED, Unmanned Systems and Counter CBRNe capability to the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces as well as other coalition partners in the Asia-Pacific region.


NeoSan Labs is at the forefront of the CBRNe industry in producing the most powerful military grade agent for Biological & Chemical decontamination, with the added benefit of being biodegradable and non-toxic. DF200 3rd Gen is the most comprehensive, effective, nontoxic chemical and biological decontaminating agent and is Licensed from Sandia National Labs for military and commercial use.

Concept Development Corporation

Concept Development Corporation designs and develops unique products for Law Enforcement, the U.S. Military and the Shooting Sports Industry.

BioFire Defense

BioFire Defense delivers a fully integrated suite of biological agent identification products, including the FilmArray®, and RAZOR® EX Systems to the biodefense and first responder community. Their products speed up medical results, help people stay healthy, and make communities more secure.


DetectaChem is a privately-held company and manufacturer of rapidly deployable, handheld, intelligent, and easy-to-operate detection systems. Their products enable threat detection for safety and security operations throughout the world.


DroneShield provides multi-domain, multi-mission solutions for counter Unmanned Ariel systems (CUAS), drones, using multi layered command and control artificial intelligence for both detection and defeat, with jamming as it core non kinetic defeat component.

Kärcher GmbH Futuretech

Kärcher Futuretech develops and manufactures mobile systems in the field of CBRN Decontamination, Water Supply, Mobile Catering and Field Camp Systems for military and civil defense operations. Complementary to its innovative product portfolio Kärcher Futuretech provides customer-centric logistical services and training worldwide, even in remote areas.

Western Shelter

Western Shelter Systems manufactures high quality shelters and support systems for military, emergency response, industrial, and entertainment applications.

L3Harris Technologies Inc.

L3Harris produces C6ISR systems and products, wireless equipment, tactical radios, avionics and electronic systems, night vision equipment, and both terrestrial and spaceborne antennas for use in the government, defense, and commercial sectors. They specialize in surveillance solutions, microwave weaponry, and electronic warfare.

ABP Technologies

ABP Technologies supports organisations through our high-performance precision engineering for the civilian and defence sectors

MithiX Pro

MitihiX Pro manufactures and provide specialized bomb disposal tools, tool kits and solutions for clients in Military and Law Enforcement industries.

Scanna MSC

Scanna is a global manufacturer and supplier of Counter Terrorism and Threat Detection Technology specialising in high performance portable x-ray screening.

Inert Products, LLC

Inert Products LLC provides Law Enforcement, Military, and Humanitarian Organizations with extremely durable, highly realistic, inert training aids used in the development of explosive ordinance disposal skills.

AirBoss Defense Group

AirBoss Defense Group is a global leader in personal and respiratory protective equipment and technology for the defense, healthcare, medical, and first responder communities

IDenta Corporation

IDenta Corporation is a leading detection and forensic science company. IDenta uses the latest in science and technology to provide solutions to law enforcement, military, government agencies and other organizations dealing with the demanding and constantly changing challenges of fighting illicit drugs and terrorist threats globall.


Kirintec combines first hand operational experience with cutting-edge engineering talent to resolve operational issues. Many of our personnel are recognised as industry experts in CEMA, (Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities) IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal), and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal).


HESCO is a world leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems.


MilDef specializes in designing and manufacturing rugged IT equipment for defense industries. A leading manufacturer of military-grade computers and displays.

NP Aerospace

NP Aerospace is a world leader in advanced low weight, high performance armor systems for NIJ Certified bomb suits, body armor, helmets, vehicle armor and composite armor

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader in science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical services, bio systems, chemicals and providing leading edge laboratory & scientific instruments and equipment.


Nexter designs and supplies combat proven systems and assist their customers from product creation all the way through to delivery. They have developed a wide range of defense products in the fields of land combat systems, artillery, ammunition, weapons and robotics.


CeoTronics specializes in developing the best electronic systems for professional communications under harsh ambient conditions.

Viken Detection

Viken Detection provides enabling security imaging and material identification solutions that help law enforcement and safety inspection professionals keep the public safe from drug trafficking, terrorism and other hazardous threats. Leaders in Handheld X-Ray, Backscatter and Digital Transmission (DTX)

QinetiQ North America

QinetiQ Inc. provides world-class technology development, engineering research and development and revolutionary products to the defense, security, and commercial markets.

Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors, a worldwide leader in metal detection technology, serves a multitude of domains including private security, government, military, and even sport applications.

Bertin Technologies

Bertin Technologies specializes in precision equipment designed for scientific measurement, observation & detection, and critical applications within military and law enforcement.

Pontic Technology

Pontic Technology offers innovative and low-cost clean water solutions through zero waste, continuous flow water and fluid treatment processes.

Field Forensics Inc.

Field Forensics Inc. specializes in explosives detection kits & instruments, as well as: radiation detectors, metal detectors, portable x-ray systems, blast resistant trash cans.

Minelab Metal Detectors

Minelab Metal Detectors delivers the world's best metal detecting technologies for treasure hunting, gold prospecting, and countermine operations.

Freespace Operations

Freespace Operations designs and manufactures unmanned aircraft ideally suited for heavy lift operations, slung tether payloads, LiDAR surveying, scientific instrument payloads, BVLOS operations and more.

Tactical Electronics

Tactical Electronics provides EOD tools, CIED Training, and Tactical Inspection Cameras for military and law enforcement agencies.

Rigaku EDXRF

Rigaku Corporation is an international manufacturer and distributor of scientific, analytical and industrial instrumentation specializing in X-ray related technologies, including X-ray crystallography, X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, X-ray fluorescence, automation, cryogenics and X-ray optics.


VideoRay designs, manufactures and markets underwater remotely operated vehicles to transform the way people work underwater.


Allen-Vanguard offers unsurpassed operationally proven capability in applications and solutions for protection against Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs) and drones (UAS). Applications and solutions include the very latest intelligent jamming techniques, electronic sensing and signals intelligence, integrated blue-force tracking and future-proof systems with near real-time software updates mitigating the risk from evolving threats.

Global RTS

Global RTS Ltd. was established in 2006, with main activity production, sale, installation, dismantling and rental of easily assembled and portable halls and industrial tents. The structures are manufactured according to the customer's individual need and order, the duration of use, as well as the region in which they must be installed.

Foster + Freeman

Foster + Freeman are innovators in the design and manufacture of systems for the examination of questioned documents, latent fingerprints, trace evidence and shoe prints.

Cadex Defence

CADEX, a privately-held company in business since 1994, is a world leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of “Turn-Key” impact systems and testing laboratories.